Sometimes little bouts of hunger get the better of all of us. When this happens, having a delicious healthy snack at the ready can mean that you’re able to make a smarter food choice than simply reaching for the first available sweet snack.  Planning in advance can help ensure that your kids’ snacks are going to be healthy ones, especially when they come rushing into the kitchen declaring that they are weak with hunger and need something to eat quickly! Continue Reading »

Carving pumpkins and turning them into spooktacular Jack O’Lantern designs has become an integral part of Halloween for both parents and kids, they have become almost as important as dressing up in scary costumes and going trick or treating. First off you need to decide on a theme or choose random designs. Let the kids get involved in the actual preparing and marking out of the designs. If your kids are very young they may not be able to assist Continue Reading »

There are many benefits to cooking with kids, and many new things that they can learn from spending time with you in the kitchen as you prepare meals together. A lot of children’s development comes from exposure to situations, experiences and activities in their environment that allows them to learn new skills and build on what they already know. Encouraging your children to assist in the kitchen through regular cooking allows for this development to come naturally. 1. Language Children Continue Reading »

The big countdown is on to Halloween.  Decorations are up, scary costumes have been chosen and the pumpkins are ready to be carved and turned into masterpiece jack o lanterns! All that’s left to do is organize is the most Spooktacular Halloween Party ever! But don’t let that stress you as we’ve put together a collection of the 10 Best Spooky Halloween recipes for kids to make. From mummy hot-dogs to bowls of slimy worms, ghostly meringues and all sorts Continue Reading »

Getting kids excited about cooking is very important. The earlier you start, the better it is for both them and you. Kids that are curious about where their food comes from and how it is prepared, are more likely to be healthy and have a positive relationship with food throughout their lives. Start teaching them from an early age; As soon as they are old enough to help you stir, encourage them to help. It could be something as simple Continue Reading »

There are few activities that you can do with kids that will provide as much satisfaction and opportunities for learning as when you spend time with them baking or cooking in the kitchen. Unfortunately many people miss out on the benefits that come with spending time cooking with their kids. Very many parents don’t have enough time to do the necessary planning and shopping in advance, along with having demanding careers, busy family life and lack of spare time – Continue Reading »

For some families, getting kids to eat their vegetables is no trouble at all, whereas for others it can be a complete nightmare, to the point that you might want to give up the battle very early on. If you happen to be one of those on the ‘Eat Your Vegetables’ Battlefield then don’t despair there are some proven methods that will not only help you to win the battle but also to win the war, resulting in less stress Continue Reading »

When starting out with to cook with kids and encouraging them to be interested in cooking, it is very important to choose easy, age appropriate, recipes. Ensure that whatever they are going to make is something that they are likely to enjoy making, without being too complicated and also that they are likely to eat or at least taste! Explain basic cooking and preparation methods to them, simple but important things like; always having clean hands using different chopping boards Continue Reading »

If you’ve just made fresh pasta using our pasta recipe, then you’ll be all ready to use your pasta machine to roll out your fresh pasta! Kids love getting involved in rolling out the fresh dough, they have great fun seeing how it stretches and becomes more recognizable to them as one of the ingredients in their lunch or dinner. If you haven’t already bought a Pasta Machine, then check with your friends and family as very often they may Continue Reading »