10 Healthy Snacks For Kids

Sometimes little bouts of hunger get the better of all of us. When this happens, having a delicious healthy snack at the ready can mean that you’re able to make a smarter food choice than simply reaching for the first available sweet snack.  Planning in advance can help ensure that your kids’ snacks are going to be healthy ones, especially when they come rushing into the kitchen declaring that they are weak with hunger and need something to eat quickly! Try to always have some ‘already made snacks’ or the ingredients on stand-by for making up a quick healthy snack. We’ve put together some of our favorite snacks for you to try making with your kids, most importantly they are all packed full of goodness and they might even help you to disguise some of the fruit and vegetables that you’d like to get them to eat more often.

healthy snacks for kids

Honey Muesli Balls

How could it be possible to make muesli taste any better than it already is?  Quite simple really, add honey, coconut and a couple of other ingredients to make these, quick (ready in 30 minutes) snacks that kids will love – pack them into lunch boxes or have them on-the-go as a great energy boosting, healthy snack.honey muesli balls - snack for kids

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Baked Zucchini Fries

These “fries’ tastes so good that you won’t believe they aren’t even fried! They are a real winner with kids, full of healthy zucchini (courgettes). Try dipping them into your favorite ketchup or mayonnaise for even more deliciousness!Baked Zucchini Fries

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Child Friendly Hummus with crudités

Nothing beats the nutritional content of eating raw vegetables, and making them attractive for kids to eat can be a challenge. By combining this delicious hummus with crudités kids quite happily munch their way through to all that vegetable goodness!

hummus with crudites

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Veggie Pinwheels

We love these pinwheels, they’re cute, dainty and full of goodness, we also love how the filling can be changed to whatever you have available in your refrigerator. Cutting them into little bite size pieces makes the pinwheels seem much more child friendly and enticing for them to eat!

veg pinwheels kids snacks

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Fresh fruit pops

This is a great & very clever way to give kids fruit as a snack! We love how simple it is to make – and you can change the fruit to whatever is seasonally available to you!

fresh fruit pops

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Sweet Potato Chips

We love these sweet potato snacks – they’re one of the most nutritious vegetables that kids can eat and these are made in the microwave so can be ready in a few minutes! Try them, you won’t be disappointed!

sweet potato chips

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Smoothie Bowls

Who says that smoothies have to be drunk with a straw? We much prefer these bowls of smoothies, topped with whatever fruit you have handy!

smoothie bowls snacks for kids

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Lunch Box Kabobs

Snacks can’t get much easier than these – they’re full of healthy nutritious food and won’t get soggy in lunch boxes.

healthy kabobs for kids

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Healthy frozen bananas

How easy are these frozen bananas? Your kids will have great fun helping you to make them too – let them put their own choice of toppings on each one, they are sure to be a winner as quick and easy but healthy snack!

frozen banana snack

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Oatmeal Bars With Dates & Walnuts

A great stand-by snack to have made in advance and stored in the cupboard, these little bars are full of goodness and make a perfect snack food, whether eaten at home, or packed into lunchboxes for school.

oatmeal bars kids snack

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Being organized and providing healthy snacks that you have prepared yourself or with the help of your children, means that when they are feeling those hunger pangs they can be easily and quickly satisfied with a healthy choice of snack which improves their health and doesn’t cause weight gain or ruin their appetite for their next meal.

Use healthy snack choices as an opportunity to get additional nutrition into your kids, rather than an opportunity for a sugary treat. By snacking on more fruit and vegetables during the day, your kids are already ahead of most kids as they’ll have had their Five-A-Day (daily recommended portions of fruit & vegetables) before they even sit down to have their main meal of the day in the evening!


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