10 Spooky Halloween Recipes For Kids

The big countdown is on to Halloween.  Decorations are up, scary costumes have been chosen and the pumpkins are ready to be carved and turned into masterpiece jack o lanterns!

All that’s left to do is organize is the most Spooktacular Halloween Party ever!

But don’t let that stress you as we’ve put together a collection of the 10 Best Spooky Halloween recipes for kids to make.

From mummy hot-dogs to bowls of slimy worms, ghostly meringues and all sorts of other spooky treats, this Halloween your kids will get so excited about making the food for their party!

Spooky Halloween Recipes for Kids


1. Meringue Ghosts

These ghosts will get your little people into a ghoulish mood and all set for a night of fun and excitement!

ghost meringuesView recipe

2. Scary Hot Dog Mummies

Be prepared for the all sorts of scary mummies appearing on your table, kids will be running around with lots of little mummies – they might even have a splash of bloody sauce on them!

Hot Dog Mummy recipeView recipe

3. Bowls of slimy worms

These horrible worms could end up wriggling around in your kitchen, the kids will have great fun dropping them on unsuspecting guests and laughing at the reaction to them!

bowl-of-wormsView recipe

4. Mummy Milanos

We came across these super cute little Milanos from Chelsea’s Messy Apron that look so cute and scary! White chocolate does just the trick to decorate them into scary bites!

compressed_mummy-biscuits-homemadeView recipe


5. Brownie Bat Truffles

The good folks over at Delish certainly know how to scare little monsters at Halloween! These Bat Truffles are sure to send party guest running……for more!

bat-trufflesView recipe


6. Brownie Spiders

Halloween just wouldn’t be scary if there were no spiders lurking around!  Add to the fun at your party with these brownie spiders from Gimme Some Oven, kids will love making them them disappear right before your eyes!

brownie-spiders-1View recipe


7. Vampire Mouth Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies

A cookie like no other, looks like it’s going to take a bite out of you before you take a bite out of it! Help the kids make these cookies from Serious Eats and watch as teeth appear and disappear all around you!

Vampire cookiesView recipe


8. You better watch out there’s a Witch about!!

What could be better that a delicious cupcake topped off with a witch’s hat? Great fun can be had making the witch’s hat and letting imaginations run wild with decorating your witch to be as scary as you can imagine!


triple-chocolate-witch-cupcakes-recipeView recipe


9. Bowls of bones

From the Craft Patch Blog – this platter looks like lots of skeletons fell out of the closet and landed on it! Sweet & salty bones to nibble on at the party, easy to make, especially for little monsters who have little hands!

Candy bones kids halloween foodView recipe

10. Spooky Punch

You’ll need something to wash down all those scary bites at your Spooktacular party , and what could be better that this spooky sparkling punch from Rockinmama with little squirmy worms hanging out over the side of the glasses!

spooky-halloween-drinksView recipe

So there you have it, that’s our top 10 favorite recipes to get ready for celebrating Halloween and getting into the spooky spirit of the season.

We hope you enjoy making these party treats with your kids as much as we enjoyed sharing them, we’d love to hear what you’ve planned for your Halloween party and what your favorite recipes are!

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