6 Incredible Benefits Of Cooking With Kids

There are few activities that you can do with kids that will provide as much satisfaction and opportunities for learning as when you spend time with them baking or cooking in the kitchen.

Unfortunately many people miss out on the benefits that come with spending time cooking with their kids. Very many parents don’t have enough time to do the necessary planning and shopping in advance, along with having demanding careers, busy family life and lack of spare time – all of which are often cited as the main reasons that parents give when saying that they don’t cook with their kids.

But sometimes we all need to prioritize activities in our lives so that we can fit in all the things that we want to do. When the benefits for doing something make it compelling then most of us will find the time even if it means having to give up some other activity.

You may worry about the potential mess, the patience that may be needed or simply that you don’t think you’re a good enough cook to be able to share your knowledge with kids, but once you can get over all of these worries and see how beneficial it is to cook with kids, then you’ll be wondering what kept you from it for so long!


So, what are the incredible benefits for your kids?


1. Independent Thinking;

Kids who can cook become quite independent in their thinking, they quickly understand how different flavors added in or out of a dish can completely change the look and taste of their recipe; they can think on their feet and adapt things as they go along;

2.  Maths & Science Skills;

They learn to develop these skills without even realizing it; when they’re working on increasing or decreasing a recipe’s ingredients that they have to adjust accordingly; they understand the consequences of adding or not adding something to the recipe that might impact on it’s flavor or how it cooks & turns out; they become experts at weights & measures, mental calculations improve quickly and easily over time.

3.  Reading & Comprehension Skills;

Reading skills are enhanced, they become familiar with different layouts and instructions for following recipes; reading comprehension and spelling improve; spelling and grammar improves; they can easily follow step by step instructions;

4.  Improved Self Confidence & Self Esteem;

Their confidence and self-esteem are greatly enhanced, kids become so proud of what they’ve cooked and revel in the ensuing compliments from family members and friends when they’ve made any recipe successfully; they become confident and proud kids;

5.  Stronger Bonds between Parents & Kids;

Working side by side with your child in the kitchen is such a rewarding experience, the rapport and respect that builds up between you is immeasurable, kids and parents grow closer and create bonds together that can last forever;

6.  Happy Children with Positive Attitudes & Fond Memories;

Having fun in the kitchen is ultimately what cooking with kids is all about, you’ll want to create an experience, atmosphere and incredible memories that you both can enjoy and look forward to each time an opportunity arises for you to cook together.

With all of these benefits and a whole lot of others that are too numerous to mention, what are you waiting on? Shouldn’t you grab your aprons, choose some recipes and get ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen, having great fun with your kids?

We’d love to hear how you get on, share your experiences with us about how you enjoy cooking with kids, what have you learned and what have you loved about it?

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