Instructions: How To Use A Pasta Machine

If you’ve just made fresh pasta using our pasta recipe, then you’ll be all ready to use your pasta machine to roll out your fresh pasta!

Kids love getting involved in rolling out the fresh dough, they have great fun seeing how it stretches and becomes more recognizable to them as one of the ingredients in their lunch or dinner.

If you haven’t already bought a Pasta Machine, then check with your friends and family as very often they may have one lurking in the back of a cupboard that they might be happy to lend to you so you can try it before you buy one of your own.

how to make pasta

Using a Pasta Machine: Instructions

Using a pasta machine should be easy but sometimes it can prove a little bit tricky!

Start by rolling the chilled pasta dough into a long shape that will fit through the rollers on the machine. Set the machine at their widest possible setting and pass the dough through several times, using the handle on the side to wind it through each time.

Allow the pasta to dry for about 10 minutes, separating the strands so that they don’t stick together. Then wind the pasta into small bundles and allow them to dry out again until ready for cooking.

using a pasta machine

Adjust the rollers to the next widest setting and repeat the above process.

Continue this process, changing the settings after passing the dough through again (pass it through several times on each width setting), until you have got to the second narrowest setting on the machine.

rolling out pasta with pasta machine

You will find that you have what seems like a huge amount of pasta!

For ravioli and lasagna, the sheets can just be cut to the size you require. For tagliatelle or spaghetti, use the selected cutters on the machine.

Now you and your kids know how to make pasta , the next thing to find out is how to make pasta sauce that will accompany your pasta!

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